Places to take Mama's Healing Spray and Sanitizer

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American Express used to have a slogan that said, "don't leave home without it".  Well, here are a few reasons you could say the same thing about Mama's Healing Spray.


Public Swimming - Lots of kids, lots of germs.  We love the water park, but we never go without our spray.  We use it often and in generous supply.  According to WebMD, more than half of pools test positive for E. coli.  Rinse off on the way in and out, and keep the spray handy.

Out to dinner:  Pick up the menu, make your order, then pick up the sanitizer and clean your hands before eating that prime rib.  That menu is a resort location for bacteria.

At the sink in the public restroom - I've come to prefer a nice long rinse of my hands in the water, drying them off, and using the Healing Spray to sanitize my hands after using the restroom.  According to WebMD, public soap pumps are a "breeding ground" for bacteria.  Also, I usually sanitize after I leave the restroom because I've seen way too many people grab hold of that door handle after taking care of business without ever doing business with soap and water.  So, I'll see you outside the restroom with the sanitizer.

At the grocery store - It doesn't take much to imagine what the 50 people before you left behind as they picked up their ground beef, bananas, and bread when they finished their shopping trip. Use the spray on your hands and on the handles of the grocery cart. 

In the office, elevator or any other door handle - Keep it handy in your bag or jacket pocket and use if after getting to the tenth floor or entering the office behind Jon, who you know left the restroom without washing his hands.  Just sayin'.

On the road and in the hotel - go ahead and catch the latest episode of your favorite show in your hotel room, just spray and wipe down the remote first with the Healing Spray.  And, probably the light switch, lamp switch and other "handy" places in the room.  You'll have a better trip if you do.

Park day - when you head out with the kids for park day, just keep some spray with you.  It's a public park with lots of use by lots of different people and no cleaning crew.  Good idea to spray your little one's hands before handing over the snacks.




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