Out to kill germs with Essential Oils.

Posted by David Martin on

Gotta give credit to Annie Prior, Ph.D for investigating the great question of whether essential oils really kill germs or not.  In her article on https://taylormadeartisansoaps.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/78/, she describes how she tested the essential oils, what kinds of oils she tested and her results.  One of the best things about the article is that she comes at this question as someone outside the essential oil world as neither a user or distributor of essential oils as of the time the article was published.


She tested several combinations of essential oils against germs and bacteria.  I should not here that she readily admits that testing of viruses wasn't included due to the special equipment required.

In her testing she found that the Thieves Essential oils worked as well as commonly used and known sanitizers and cleaners like Hydrogen Peroxide and Bleach.  Bottom line, essential oils do kill germs and bacteria.  What's even better from our perspective is the positive effects overall they have for our health.

There are a lots of options out there for keeping your world clean and healthy, but for us, having the option to go with essential oils and natural options wherever we can is wonderful.  That's why we love out natural sanitizers.


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