Get the germs out.

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Our Healing Spray kills germs and helps keep the world a cleaner place.

8 Germiest Public Places according to

Restaurant menus:  Use our Healing Spray to sanitize those messy menus before digging in to that evening special.

Lemon Wedges:  Well, you could use our spray on those wedges, but I think I might just order an extra glass of water and give them a dip.

Condiment Dispensers:  Before you slather that burger in mustard and ketchup, maybe it's worth a knock out squirt to the germs on the bottles.  Our 1 ounce size can go with you anywhere.

Restroom Door Handles:  This one seems a bit obvious to us.  But we wonder, is it worse on the way out or on the way in?

Soap Dispensers:  We can't help but smile at the irony of this one.  How about you?

Grocery Carts:  Jennah has talked about using the healing spray to sanitize grocery cart handles for years.  It might be a bit much to spray the whole thing down though.

Airplane Bathrooms:  Um, yea.  'nough said?

Doctor's Office:  We prefer our Doctor Office visits in the summer for physicals and such just for this reason.  No one ever likes sick call.  Oh, has anyone else ever covered their cough with the pages of the magazine sitting on the table at the Doctor's office?

Getting near cold and flu season.  Are you ready?



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