A note to sanitizer users.

Posted by David Martin on

Have any of you noticed that the more you use alcohol-based sanitizers, the drier your hands get?

That's exactly what I found.  Several years ago, I created a sanitizer spray to save my hands.  At the time I had 6 kids 10 and under.  Between my use and using sanitizer for the kids hands, I felt like I used a lot of sanitizer!  With all the sanitizer use, I wondered how healthy all those ingredients on the label were for my kids. Many of the ingredients I could hardly pronounce.  

After learning that certain essential oils combine together to kill bacteria, I had to do the my homework and find out how true this was.  I found several studies that backed up the information I'd learned.  But, still, the proof is in the making and using, right?

So, I made my own sanitizer.  I guess it worked because we never seemed to get sick.  Cool, right! Since I carried this stuff with me everywhere, I began using is for all sorts of issues the pop up with kids.  Cleaning hands, of course, but also cuts, scrapes, and stings, as well as those nasty mosquito bites. As they go older, we found it worked well for acne, canker sores and sunburns.

So many of my friends and family have used and loved this, we decided it was time to help all the dry-handed sanitizer users find something better!  But, because of it's many uses, it's not just sanitizer anymore.  It's Mama's Healing Spray!

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